About me | Released Projects

I am Jae Sung Han, currently work at Epic Games and participating in “Fortnite”  as a Senior Animator.

Released  Game Projects


Fortnite_Thumb_0.jpg Fortnite  2018 , PC/ PS4/Xbox    | Senior Animator at Epic Games



PARAGON (MOBA) 2016 , PC/ PS4    | Senior Animator at Epic Games


Hero : Terra  is released in Nov, 2017   Responsible for Terra game play animation.


Hero : Wukong  is released in June, 2017   Responsible for Wukong game play animation.


Hero : Shinbi  is released in Feb, 2017   Responsible for Shinbi game play animation.



The Evil Within, 2014  | Senior Animator  at The Workshop Entertainment



DEFIANCE, 2013 | Senior Animator at Trion World



MEDIEVAL MOVES : DEADMUND’S QUEST,  2011 | Animator at Zindagi Games



SplatterHouse, 2010 | Animator at Namco Bandai Games America


Afro Samurai, 2009 | Animator at Namco Bandai Games America